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I am currently in the US, on my way to Milwaukee for the Association of Internet Researchers conference. With pre-conference seminars tomorrow, it promises to be a busy few days from here until Saturday night. I’ve got a few different things happening as well as attending as many sessions as possible. Tomorrow is the doctoral colloquium, where there will be a few OIISDP alumni as well as new faces with whom to discuss research topics and issues. Following that, on Friday morning is a session featuring a paper Axel Bruns, Thomas Nicolai, Lars Kirchhoff, and myself have been working on, looking at activity in the Australian political blogosphere over the first half of 2009. Finally, and indeed in the same session, is a paper I’ve been working on covering pretty much the same period, but looking at the French political blogosphere – it’s the first look at French data I’ve had, so this is very much a tentative preliminary study, with some methodological issues to be taken into account for future work, but it should also raise some interesting directions for the next phase of work in both the French and Australian political blogospheres.

Post-Milwaukee, I’ve got a bit of travel happening, before some institution visits in Boston and Paris, but more on those later. A bit closer to/after the presentations, I’ll try and get the slides uploaded and any interesting outcomes from the papers. I won’t be liveblogging, although Axel probably will be, but any diversionary comments from me will most likely be on twitter!


Written by Tim

7 October, 2009 at 3:11 am

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