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Incredibly busy non-thesis times recently, presenting at the ANZCA conference a couple of weeks ago and also attending the Oxford Internet Institute’s Summer Doctoral Programme (both being held here at QUT). I’m not going to write about what happened at either, not at the moment at least, but a quick plug that the OIISDP is a not-to-be-missed opportunity if you’re a postgrad looking at some aspect of internet research (and that of course entails anything from copyright law to e-health to online activism to cyberinfrastructure to online social networks and so on and so forth), and is extremely highly recommended. As is having a short break afterwards to recover. As such, I’m flying to Perth tomorrow, although I will also be working on further outcomes from the paper I presented at ANZCA and preparing for the AoIR conference in Milwaukee in October – attending the pre-conference colloquium and presenting at the conference itself.

For both the SDP and ANZCA I had to present, so I’m including the presentations below; I was testing out an online tool called Prezi at the time, so they’re a little more involved/transition-y than a standard powerpoint presentation, but I hope I’ve avoided giving anyone motion sickness through them. I may return to a more traditional format for AoIR, although the paper itself may determine that. The SDP presentation is an overview of (some of) my PhD research project, if you want to know about that: http://prezi.com/121901/

The ANZCA presentation is ‘Inauguration from afar: Mapping Obama discussion in the Australian political blogosphere‘ – basically a pilot study for my PhD, taking blog and online news media site content from the week before and week after the inauguration of Barack Obama in January 2009, and seeing what was discussed. There will be more to come out of this, the presentation was a very preliminary study, but for some details on what I said, and indeed what many other presentations at ANZCA covered, Axel liveblogged many, many sessionshttp://prezi.com/121009/


Written by Tim

24 July, 2009 at 2:46 pm

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