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It’s a grey, rainy morning here in Brisbane, but despite the usual rush-hour activity going on outside, people hurrying to work, cars and buses hurtling down the main road, attention is focused on what’s happening yesterday, on the other side of the world.

I’m set up for a long day in front of my laptop and the television, in one of the Creative Industries buildings here at QUT. I have CNN running at the moment, possibly switching between it, BBC World, and Sky News when their election coverage kicks off. It’s a big day, not just in the US – just seeing the number of people who have election-themed sentiments in their facebook statuses or twits, even if not American, gives some idea of just how wide the interest is in who will become the President-elect.

No liveblogging today – there will be plenty of that elsewhere on the internet, but if you’re looking for that kind of thing, the likes of Larvatus Prodeo will have comments and a whole lot of links to people covering the whole damn thing – for a start, there’s a big liveblog happening at Crikey. I’ve spent the last few months watching all seven seasons of the West Wing, without much of a gap between them, so I’m conscious of avoiding spoilers in any commentary I might provide here – also, a lot of my initial knowledge, or context, for American politics comes from there…

For your election map needs, information aesthetics has a list of tools ready for you. And, watching CNN, I suddenly realised I’m going to see the ‘real’ version of this in action.

First polls close in about 10 minutes. This may take a while…


Written by Tim

5 November, 2008 at 8:47 am

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