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Ignite 08

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This evening Ignite 08, the QUT Creative Industries postgrad conference, kicks off with several screenings and performances, before two days of presentations, performances, and discussions here at the Creative Industries Precinct. Although the conference is meant to be relaxed and a way for postgrads to talk about their work with each other in a supportive setting, preparing my presentation has still been rather stressful! I’m still getting back into the giving talks mindset, having somehow gone three years without having to present, so there are a few nerves about discussing my research in a conference environment, even if it is mostly amongst postgrads.

My presentation is in the first post-lunch session tomorrow afternoon, in a ‘new media/performance’ stream, which could be interesting – certainly the other talks look very exciting, from the abstracts. Depending on time and other work, I’ll try posting some comments from other talks during the conference, as well as my slides after my presentation. I’m not sure about whether I’ll be able to put the paper itself up, but if I get the chance it’ll be uploaded here too (and I’d imagine to eprints).

The paper I’m presenting is Which way up? Drawing and reading maps of the blogosphere, chosen partly because I wanted a break from the theories that had been driving my proposal and felt like having a look at mapping research instead. I’m not sure how much of what I’ve written on the slides is that important, but there are certainly some nice pictures! Researching this paper has also given me a chance to see some more approaches to mapping spaces such as the blogosphere, which may be useful later in the phd.
Having been in Perth for the last couple of weeks too, I’ve been able to spend some time in the Reid Library at UWA, in particular perusing the well-read pages (mostly by me over the last year and a bit) of Else/where, sadly out of print but heartily recommended, even if, being two years old now, some of it is not quite as relevant as it was when I first found it…


Written by Tim

1 October, 2008 at 2:56 pm

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