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Reading through the proceedings (official and blogged) from various conferences around the world (and, being at a uni featuring more acronyms than you’d care to imagine, I really like the fact there’s a ‘PDF’), I’ve come across some sites and blogs that may be useful over the next few years. At the moment, of course, the scope of my PhD project is still being determined, but having spent the last month or so testing out and reading about blog map visualisations, I’m fascinated by PresidentialWatch08, which was presented at the PDF earlier this week.

Five months off the U.S. Presidential election, PresidentialWatch08 (created by linkfluence) combines several aspects of political blog networks that I’ve been considering; not purely a visualisation of the (U.S.) political blogosphere, it also tracks trends in blog posts, the frequency of political actors appearing in posts, and crucially has the same data for ‘news’ sites. The map itself, though, provides some useful pointers for future research. MSM sites and candidate sites are included, rather than focussing solely on blogs, and rather than a simple ‘Republican’/’Democrat’ coding, sites are manually categorised as ‘Conservative’, ‘Independent’, ‘Mass Media’, and ‘Progressive’ – something to keep in mind for classifying Australian and French sites. Just to make it more impressive, the map also connects sites based on inlinks, outlinks, and mutual links (with different colouring for each kind). I’ll save a full investigation of the site for when I’ve finished my current work, but it’s definitely a project to keep an eye on.

[found via …My heart’s in Accra]


Written by Tim

26 June, 2008 at 7:34 pm

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  1. […] via Data Mining and Linkfluence, the team at Presidential Watch 08 (run by Linkfluence and mentioned previously) have released videos and data showing the spread of John McCain’s celebrity ad across the […]

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